Market your clients with targetted audio ads.

Sounds of life can capture the minds imagination many times more than a few printed words.

ad-i-hear is audio rich "radio like" ad which is targetted to an audience who has already shown interest in your type of products and services.

When the user hovers over an adihear link, they will hear your audio recording (up to 30 seconds), and be more enticed into your website. With clever production, even 5 seconds of audio can capture your audiences attention.

Like other computer ad businesses, you pay only a few cents for those ads which users click on.

Deliver rich audio radio style ads targetted to those customers who like your business!

Become a partner today. Your first commercial is free and no obligations.

After registering for BeyondKinetics, click on the adihear link, up-load your audio file, and a few other details.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Troy Laser

Digikey Parts Supplier

Mouser Parts Supplier

Odyssey Electronics PCB/Assembly

Servo Magazine

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