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Logo Welcome to the world beyond kinetics! Kinetics is the study of motion. Newtonian physics with advanced computer technology can solve very complex macro-scopic objects in motion. The types of manipulations a robot would need to calculate and perform.  This site takes the analytic treatment of motion to another level - by putting the equations of motion into software and enabling computers or robots to automatically deduce the appropriate equations and perform the necessary calculations to manipulate arbitrary objects.  When a machine or "robot" is able to respond to everyday language about every day objects and manipulate their spatial-temporal relations, then we will have reached the world beyond kinetics!

This site is dedicated to providing advanced connections to the devices and information in which we live.  When necessary, devices will be created to solve the more mundane aspects of our lives at other times it will make information immediately accessible.  Freeing people up to live more fulfilled lives.

As computers become more complex and agile, they will become more "aware" of physical objects outside of their casings.  They will learn to grasp them and move them to new locations.  Devices which are able to recognize and discern ordinary objects and manipulate them.  Also speech commands, natural language processing, and voice feedback will inevitably ease our communications with electronic devices even in noisy rooms. 

Fiction to Reality

Science fiction has long told the story of computers which can converse with humans in everyday language, automatically monitor children, sense an emergency and respond appropriately.  The home computer will be accessible throughout the entire home, not just in front of the keyboard/monitor.  And this will be through voice-interaction, remote cameras to read gesture and face expressions, remote displays in tv's, mirrors, and speakers throughout the home.  Robots which are capable of navigating living quarters, roam, and perform mundane tasks.  Many of these products are just around the corner.

Catch the vision

Camera sensors can recognize faces, read emotions in them, even tell what our eyes are focused on. This info presents a context to the computer allowing it to better infer the meanings of our requests.

Center of Spiritual Awareness:

If every thought pattern can be coded into machine instructions. Still it seems the human has something different, the ability to think up something new. To think outside of the entirety of it's "programming" and arrive at a creative new solution. How much of this can be codified?

Recognizing the differences between machines and humans, and realizing that the spiritual aspect of being human. BK hereby dedicates a center to foster discussions of spiritual issues. It has often been said that humans adapt to their tools. That we become creatures almost dependant on the tools we make. And yet mankind will always be something more than just the tools we make and it is for this reason this center serves to pull us apart from thinking like computers and to remember our spiritual apsects. But yet not to just leave us there. The lessons learned about our unique nature will be put into the robots that we make. Thus adapting our tools (robots) to better fit our own nature. As the Bible says, God created man in his own image. Similarly BK is creating robots in man's image and any other imaginative way which is technologically realizeable. This center serves not to create debate between science and religion, but rather to interweave and stitch back together the unique benefits of each view of reality - raising our daily lives to a more elevated and less algorithmic, less mechanical way of life.